Nigel with a blue shark onboard seawatch  from Mylor harbour Falmouth Cornwall charter fishing boat

Shark Fishing Falmouth

Falmouth Shark Fishing Prices

Falmouth has long been the benchmark for UK Shark fishing enthusiasts with its adjoining waters to the Atlantic and Gulf Stream. Providing a wealth of bait fish for these predators. 

8 Hours

Big Game Tackle and Bait Provided.

Whole Boat Charter and Skipper including fuel 



Target Species; Blue Shark, Porbeagle and Thresher

20 miles offshore we start to prepare a chum trail and setting our baits. With 6 big game rods and reels using barbless hooks, your day begins when the first reel starts to run. Once alongside the boat we will remove the hook, measure tag, photograph and release the Shark. 

Strictly Catch Tag and Release

For further information please call Nigel Direct; 07976 974 616

Shark Diving Experience