Terms and Conditions


The following sets out the terms and conditions under which SEAWATCH 1 may be chartered. The document forms an agreement between the vessels owner and the club or individual hiring the vessel.


The owner will make available the vessel SEAWATCH 1, licensed, insured and carrying regulation safety equipment as set out by the MCA operating code of practice. 


To secure a booking we will require a deposit of £150, the balance of which is then due on completion of the charter. For multiple charter the payment is collected at the end of each day and as such requires a larger deposit, this can be agreed with the skipper. All lost tackle must be paid for.


If the vessels skipper cancels the charter due to adverse weather, mechanical failure, illness or the like the full deposit is returned. If deteriorating weather forces an early return to port, only that portion of the trip spent at sea is charged. A decision to return to port is the skippers and his alone. A return to port at the insistence of the customer qualifies as a complete trip and the full charter fee is payable.

If the customer cancels the trip within four weeks then the deposit is forfeited. If the customer cancels within two weeks the entire fee is payable. These conditions will only apply if the skipper is unable to secure an alternative charter on the date in question. Please remember we are operating a business and this is our livelihood and as such we need to protect it in all events but in the same instance operate a fare charter for our customers. 

We sadly no longer offer individual spaces, just full and half day charter, except for the swimming with sharks experience.